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Dog walking in Alvis

Provide your pet with a daily dose of exercise thanks to the cooperation with our walker.
In Alvis, we will support you in caring for your four-legged friend. At a time convenient for you, we will take him for a walk, informing you in detail about our joint walk.

Thanks to this, your dog will be lighted and happy, and you can be sure that he is well cared for all the time.

Walking in Alvis step by step

The walker comes to the dog. If you are not at home - no problems, we can hand over the keys.
usługi opieki nad zwierzętami
pies na spacerze
Walking with dog for 30 or 60 minutes, or more, if it's necessary.
karmienie psa
Tired but happy, we come home, wash the paws and feed the dog.
raport alvis
We prepare a report with a photo, GPS-trail and telling what we did on a walk in English, Polish or Russian.
raporty Alvis
We put on our super secure equipment, turn on the GPS and go for a wonderful walk!

How much does the walk cost?

The prices of the walks depend on their number and length. Choose one of our packages and save on the cost of a single walk. The package is valid for one year from the date of the first walk.
Walk up to 30 min.
60 minutes walk
90 minutes walk
120 minutes walk
Urgent (service performance within 1-3 hours of ordering) / public holidays - + 30%
Do you want to test our service before you decide to use our services?

Make an appointment for a trial walk
for PLN 28
Thanks to our reports, you don't have to worry about how the walks are going!
report 08.11
Walking with Rena is a pleasure! Little, dear and sweet doggie. You can't get bored with her! Many passersby comment that Rena is beautiful and dignified. More than once they mistook us for the young queen of England and her dog!
During the walk, we checked various nooks and crannies of Sopot, but what she liked most was the pier and the stay on the beach. A mountain of sand, the sound of waves - oh yeah! This is what Rena likes best.
The walk is one of the active ones - we ran, we looked for treasures in the sand, and finally we dealt with the most important things. On the way, we met a few dogs with whom Rena really wanted to say hi. I asked the owner if we could come over. Rena was very happy when he agreed! Only one older dog couldn't say hello to us, but that's okay! I encouraged Rena to avoid it by accelerating her step to the side. After returning home, I cleaned her paws and gave the bowl of food. She eagerly ate, and then went lazily to her lair.
See you on the next walk!
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