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Care for cats and other pets

With our sitter, your pet will have first-class care. You will be calm for your pet - we will ensure his safety, joy and comfort!
You can now go do your business without any worries. In ALVIS, we will take care of your pet with a lot of joy, comfort and attention.

How it's working?

If you need care for a cat or other animal - call us or fill out the form.
Getting acquainted
Our sitter will come to meet your pet. If it necessary, we will replace the sitter with another.
Pay for the order by bank transfer to our account.
If necessary, we can arrange the pet's transport in accordance with all safety requirements and regulations.
The sitter will provide comprehensive care for your pet. This includes feeding, playing and caring for the pet.
To be sure that everything is fine with your pet, the sitter will regularly send reports with photos and descriptions of visits.

How much is it?

The prices of visits depend on their number and length.
Choose one of our packages and save on the cost of a single visit. The subscription is valid for one year from the date of the first visit.
Visit 20 min.
Visit 60 min.
Visit 90 min.
Visit 120 min.

Additional services


up to 12 hours
117 zł
Daily care at the client's home with overnight stay

for 24h
152 zł
Petsitting in our sitter's home

for 24h
97 zł
Introductory visit
28 zł
Key pickup
28 zł
Urgent (service performance within 1-3 hours of ordering) / public holidays - +30%
We will tell you about ourselves on the phone
Thanks to our reports, you don't have to worry about how the care is going!
Report 03.01
I was ready for the fact that Adotka is small and loves to play, but when she started to play with my eyebrows, I was a little surprised - first she smelled them, then touched them with her paw, and then switched to her hair. She accompanied me throughout the apartment, helping out in the series:
- Liza, what are you doing there?
- Adotka, I water the flowers.
- I will help you.
- Adotka, please don't do this.
- I'll help you!
- And how?
- Thanks, Adotka, you didn't disturb me at all. Come on! Let's play!
We played in the kitchen, in the hall, in the living room, in the toilet, while I was cleaning the litter box. It was only possible to stop her by taking her in her arms, Adotka immediately began to purr and blink her eyes until she saw something that she had not yet played with.