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Pet care service in Warsaw, Tricity, Krakow and Łódź

Safety, comfort and happiness for your pet

ALVIS is a pet care service that will help you in taking care of your beloved pet. We will look after him, and you do your things without fear.

Why Alvis?

Careful selection of employees
Our company is registered and each guardian is officially employed. Only 1 in 20 applicants successfully complete all stages of selection and become a guardian at Alvis.
Safe walks
The walker guides the dog with reliable equipment that prevents escape and other independent situations.
We are up to date
We work every day, even on weekends and public holidays. And the caregiver after the walk writes a report with a map and time tracker, pictures of the dog and information about how the walk went.

We will tell you about ourselves on the phone

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Are you wondering what cooperation with us looks like in practice?

See a short video of our walks together.

Why can you trust caregivers?

Our selection is ingeniously simple, but very solid
1. We check documents, personal data and social networks
2. We train with a course developed with behaviorists and use the experience gained through a lot of walks
3. We check the candidate's skills during practical classes
Only 1 out of 20 candidates gets a job with us
Do you have additional questions for us? We will be happy to answer them.

However, before you ask any questions, make sure you don't find the answer in the section below.
In what cases are our services needed?
Taking care of a pet in the sitter's home may come in handy when you are going on vacation or on a business trip and you don't have anyone to leave your pet with.

Care in pet's home is suitable for a dog who finds it difficult to stay at home alone, the dog howls, cries or destroys the apartment

You might need the walks when, for various reasons, you cannot take your dog for a walk.
Can the caregiver go to the hairdresser or vet with my pet?
Yes. Our sitter can take the dog to the vet or hairdresser during the visit or care.
In which cities does the service work?
Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Kraków, Łódź but also the surrounding smaller towns.
How are caregivers checked by in ALVIS ?
We have several stages of our workers control.

We check the personal data of candidates via open sources, we conduct a caregiver's training course, which consists of a test on the basics of communication and working with a dog.

In addition, we ask the candidate to conduct several training meetings and walks under the supervision of our mentors.

We collect personal data and sign contracts with our workers.

Only 1 in 20 applicants pass all the stages.
Do we sign a contract?
We operate in accordance with the user contract, by paying for the order you agree to our Conditions on this page.