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Professional pet sitting services

Do you want to leave town, but you have no one to leave your beloved pet with? At ALVIS, we have a solution!

Don't worry about who will take care of your pet in your absence. Take advantage of the daily care for your dog in the petsitter's house.

What does pet sitting consist of?

opieka nad psem Gdańsk
Transporting the dog to the caregiver's home
You can bring your dog to the petsitter's house yourself or use our help. However, we recommend that you transport your pet. Thanks to this, your dog will be calmer, and you will save him the stress associated with the fact that a stranger takes him and transports him to an unknown place.
transport dla psa
Petsitter take regular walks with your dog. This is done at the times your dog is walking when he is at home.
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Feeding, washing paws and playing at home
Caring for your pet means not only taking him for a walk, but also feeding the food you provide according to a set schedule, washing his paws after each walk, and lots of fun and tenderness during the time spent together.
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alvis petsitter
Daily reporting
So that you do not worry about your pet, our sitter sends you a detailed report. There you will find photos of your pet and a note about what happened during the day. Thanks to this, you always know what is happening with your pet.
Acquainting the dog with the assigned sitter
Before starting caring for a pet, we can organize a free introduction meeting at the petsitter's home. Thanks to this, we can make sure that your dog accepts its temporary sitter, and you have no objections to him. If necessary, we will replace the sitter with another one.
raporty alvis

How much is it?

Sitting with 2 walks for 15 min
The option is only available for small and older dogs that do not require a lot of exercise.
113 zł
Sitting with 4 walks

2 walks of 15 minutes + 2 walks of 45-60 minutes a day
180 zł
Care with 1 walk 15 min.

Daily dog care up to 10 hours, without overnight stay.
99 zł
Care with 2 walks 15 min.

Care for the dog up to 16 hours
113 zł

Care with 2 walks
price for 24 hours
Care with 3 walks
price for 24 hours

Care with 4 walks
price for 24 hours
+50 zł/day
for one additional dog/cat
Urgent (execution of the service within 1-3 hours from the order) / holidays
We will tell you about ourselves on the phone

Wondering what petsitting looks like in practice?

Or maybe you prefer your dog to be taken care of at your home? In ALVIS it is possible!
Thanks to our reports, you don't have to worry about how the care is going!
Report 28.09
What's interesting at this hour: Dot is very curious, she walks around the apartment, smells everything. I showed her the leash, and she immediately started wagging her tail. We went for a walk, the dot was crazy! She saw friends in the square and immediately became very active: she jumped, ran, threw herself at everyone. Everyone was shocked at first, but then they caught a wave and they all ended up running and having fun, even the old dog. I also played with Dot, leaving her a ball and sticks. She didn't drink water, even though I did give it. Then we went for a walk by the sea. Dot did all the matters, sometimes she wanted to pick something off the ground but I said don't pick up so she didn't. At home, I washed her paws and poured water, she started running after me again, as if I was a dog too and she was chewing on me all but playfully. So I thought about taking her head and we played the game again: Dot is an amazing treat detective. When she found everything and calmed down, I left the little one behind.
Now you don't need to communicate with dozens of people for the best sitter to be found. We have done everything for you.

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