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Petsitting in the pet's home

The sitter spends time with the dog at your home. When looking after, the petsitter goes for a walk with him, cares for him, gives him food, water, plays and more!

During this time, you can travel or calmly take care of other things.

When is dog care needed?

wizyta dla psa
The dog goes crazy in the house when he is alone
The dog does not tolerate loneliness, during which it destroys objects, howls and barking.
pies jest chory
The dog is sick
During your absence, it is needed to constantly monitor pet's health, keep an eye on him and just be next to him.
wizyta dla psa
The dog needs more attention
Especially with puppies or very active dogs, who need much more attention than usual.

How much does pet sitting at the client's home cost?


Walking options can be customized to meet your needs
Visit up to 3 hours
Visit up to 6 hours
Visit up to 9 hours
Visit up to 12 hours

24-Hour Care

walking options can be customized to fit your needs
24-Hour Care at the client's home
2 walks of 15 minutes

Does not require the caregiver to be with the dog all the time
190 PLN per day

Additional services

Introductory visit
28 zł
Key pickup
28 zł
Additional dog

Customized pricing
Urgent (service performance within 1-3 hours of ordering) / public holidays - +30%
We will tell you about ourselves on the phone

Are you wondering how such care look in practice?

Thanks to our reports, you don't have to worry about how the care is going!
Report 06.07

Today was our second walk! I was very happy to see Ania, hearing the sound of the intercom, I waited for her at the door and greeted her beautifully, she said that I had stolen her heart! We went to the field to smell the flowers, take nice pictures and deal with important matters. It's warm today, so Ania made sure that I drink a lot of water. On the way, I met a new friend who was a few times bigger than me, but it didn't bother me at all. All the time I was walking politely by the foot and I reacted to the call, even when I noticed an interesting smell in the bushes. We walked for 30 minutes, and after returning home, we took care of hygiene to make me feel comfortable. We see you again tomorrow and I hope it will be just as fun!
- Azazel
spacery alvis
Quick sitter selection
You provide the information about the dog, choose a date and time, and we will select a perfectly matched sitter for your dog.
opiekun alvis
Proven caregivers
Every petsitter undergoes a careful selection: 3 stages of testing, internships and training.
przekazać klucze
You can leave the key
You can trust us and leave the key to the apartment. Your personal dog sitter has been carefully selected and checked